"Coming off of a mediocre college football career as a defensive lineman with a bench max of 395, squat of 375, and hang clean of 315, at 265 pounds body weight and approximately 22% body fat, I had the background of a power athlete, and the ability to generate a reasonable amount of explosive power. I graduated and received a commission as a 2LT in the United States Army. I turned to Matt to help me generate the muscular and cardiovascular endurance required to be successful in this organization. Matt engineered a workout program that saw me drop my body weight to 230, my body fat to 14.5%, my 5 mile run from 42:00 to 35:40, and my 12 mile ruck march with an approximate 65 lbs load from 3 hours and 30 minutes plus to 2 hours and 45 minutes, enabling me to crush RAP week at the US Army Ranger school. But more importantly, my exposure to Matt's mindset, his warrior ethos and his commitment to completing his mission, helped me to break through to the next level as a war fighter, paratrooper, and Army leader. To anyone attempting to achieve uncommon results, I would advise the first step is to strip your life of everything that doesn't get you closer to that goal, commit to the process, and find a coach to guide you through that process. If your goal is physical in nature, you can't do better than Deiana's Raw Training."

-Victor Prato 1LT, Engineer 127th AEB, 1st BCT, 82nd ABN DIV Kandahar, Afghanistan
                       (Formerly Princeton University Football)

"With Matt Deiana's R.A.W. Training you can expect to quickly see an improvement in your athletic abilities. Since working with him I am noticeably stronger, faster, and more confident. He has an in depth knowledge of effective training methods that have satisfied many of the athletes he has worked with. Combined with his motivational coaching, he physically and mentally prepares you. Not only does he thoroughly prepare his athletes, but he also genuinely cares for their success and their performance following his training. For anyone looking to reach their peak athleticism, I would definitely recommend working with Matt and buying into his program."

-Jessica Fanelli, Marist Women's Soccer (Division 1 Soccer)


Matt Deiana's R.A.W. training program is perfect for someone who is looking to excel in their particular sport. Matt can help you reach new heights in speed, strength, and overall athletic ability, so you can perform at your absolute best. Ever since I have been working with Matt I have gotten stronger, faster and quicker which has allowed me to be successful on the football field. I strongly recommend Matt's training program for any serious athlete. 

-Nick Lancia, Plymouth State Football


​​"Matt Deiana and R.A.W. training is unmatched. When you’re in there, you’re there to work and are surrounded by a bunch of other serious athletes who are going to push you. What Matt was able to do for me is the reason I’m playing Division 1 lacrosse and able to be successful. Matt gives you the best balance of speed and strength no matter the sport. In H.S. I played 3 sports and Matt was able to adjust my training depending on the season I was in. Whenever I am able to consistently workout with Matt I am my fastest and strongest self. I recommend R.A.W training to everyone who is looking to become a different breed of Athlete while having someone who gives you confidence and wants to see you improve. Matt is by far the best trainer I have ever had, and look forward to all my breaks to get back in there training."

-Bryce FordFairfield University Lacrosse (Freshman All-American)

"Matt's training helped me to become a better athlete. Heading into my senior year of high school he developed me into a college athlete and helped me get to the next level."

 - John Decker,Geneseo Basketball 


“Call it the Dungeon, the Warehouse, or the Factory, Matt Deiana's R.A.W Training facility is the perfect place where committed athletes can take their game to the next level. After training with Matt for almost 10 years now, I can honestly say that without his efforts as a trainer and mentor I would not have been able to accomplish any measure of success without him challenging me everyday to be better. Deiana’s expertise in exercise science and nutrition, and his no-nonsense mentality are the perfect formula to mold any dedicated athlete into a true warrior. I am truly grateful for all the accolades he has helped me achieve and I am confident that any individual with a tenacious work ethic, the right amount of determination and Matt’s guidance can achieve any level of success they desire.” 

-John Bello,  St. John's University Lacrosse 

"Matt and R.A.W. Training took me to heights as an athlete I didn’t think I could reach. Matt gave me a new confidence by enhancing my speed, strength, and overall game. When you get Matt as a trainer, you’re getting someone who cares about your success and helping you in every way he possibly can. I attribute my achievements on the football field and basketball court to how much Matt motivated me. Now, as a high school football and basketball coach, I urge all of my players who want to take their games to the next level to train with R.A.W. Training in order to reach their true potential. "

-Thomas Weingarten, High School Football & Basketball Coach

"No better place in the tri-state area to train for athletes. There’s no other place you want to train at if your serious about becoming the best player you can be. Everything is individualized so that you improve on your specific needs and depending on the needs of whatever sport your playing. Any athlete of any level that wants to unlock their potential this is the place for you.  The beasts coming out of the place on a regular basis is the only sales pitch anybody needs. All of us that have worked with Matt would not have been able to accomplish what we have without his programming and his gym. "

-Matt Arita, Brockport University Football (2nd Team All-American)
               Former Player & Current Coach 

“Matt Deiana’s RAW training has developed me into the player I am today. If you want to excel in your sport or improve your physical abilities, then this is the place for you. Training with Matt has brought my career to new heights and I couldn’t have done it without him. Since working with Matt my confidence has soared, alongside my speed and strength. Matt cares for each person who walks through his doors and that is just one reason his training is successful. Matt’s knowledge is like no other, and he knows how to get every athlete to where they would like to be. Do not miss out on getting to work with the best trainer around!”


-Lauren CraftJacksonville University Lacrosse


"Matt Deiana’s R.A.W training facility is not your stereotypical club. There are no juice bars, no breaks and definitely no quitting. Only well driven athletes who want to perform and exceed their expectation prefer to workout with Matt.  I have trained with Matt for the past four years and now I am a junior in high school.  I play football, lacrosse and I run track.  This past football season I was able to lead Section 1 in rushing because of Matt’s expertise.  His speed and weight training has transformed my body and mind into the athlete I am today.  I would encourage any young athlete who takes sports seriously to train with Matt if they want to be successful."

-Nick SantaviccaBridgewater State Football (2x All Conference)

Elite Sports Performance Training

Deiana's RAW Training

"Training with Matt Deiana throughout the summer of 2017 was an awesome experience that I’ll never forget. Matt’s own experiences participating in colligate athletics as well as extensive training with D1, D2, and D3 athletes of all different sports demonstrates his knowledge and ability to transform any athlete. He uses fun and creative ways for athletes to see improvement both mentally and physically. Working with Matt this past summer, I noticed a significant difference and felt stronger and faster heading into my 2017 season. Overall, I would highly recommend training with Matt in any of his programs to see a huge difference and any athlete trying to take their game to the next level. "

-Emily Englert,Manhattan Women's Lacrosse